Are you facing unplanned pregnancy, dealing with unexpected post-abortion feelings, or struggling to cope with the loss of a baby?

If so, and you're in the South Wales area, you'll find free help, information and support, along with a friendly listening ear, at the Beresford Pregnancy Counselling Centre in Newport

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Pregnancy choices

Sometimes finding you're pregnant can be a frightening and confusing experience.

In a supportive environment you can talk over your situation with a counsellor trained to help you.

She'll offer you relevant information, help you to weigh the options and come to an informed decision.

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Post termination problems

We care

Following a termination some women experience unexpected emotions, distress, loss, grief, emptiness and remorse. Even years later some still have unresolved feelings and hurts.

At the Beresford Centre we listen, we understand and we can help. We use a specific programme called ‘The Journey’ to give you confidential counselling and support.

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Stillbirth / Baby loss

Having lost a baby, during pregnancy or soon after birth, most women and their partners feel a sense of overwhelming loss and devastation.

As well as feelings of extreme sadness, you may have experienced anger, resentment, anxiety, panic, sleeplesness etc.

It can be helpful to know that such feelings are a normal part of grieving.

We understand and we can help

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The Beresford Pregnancy Counselling Centre, Newport South Wales

The Beresford Pregnancy Counselling Centre is located in Newport South Wales and provides professional and confidential services to people in Newport, Caerphilly, Chepstow, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, Sirhowy and Rhymney Valleys.

We offer free pregnancy tests, information about pregnancy options and confidential support.

We're open to referrals from any agency and individuals are very welcome to contact us directly.