Pregnancy choices

Counselling room with daffodils You may be feeling very tossed about and wondering if you are pregnant. We can give you a free pregnancy test and give you the result immediately. Or you may have done the test and are feeling very unsure what to do. We aim to give you a safe confidential place to explore your thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes we find that family and friends have said what they feel you should do. This can be helpful, but first and foremost you may need to talk about what matters to you. We want to listen to you, and find out what it means to you to be pregnant at this time. We will give you accurate information, help you to look at your options and support you as you make the decision for yourself. If you are in a relationship, and would like to bring your partner with you, we will be pleased to listen to you both. We hope to hear from you!

Post-termination problems

You may be struggling to cope with unexpected emotions and thoughts following a decision for termination. This could have happened some years ago and yet you have tried to push those thoughts and feelings away, to get on with life. It can be hard to find that those unresolved feelings do not go away. Or perhaps the termination was recent and you find it hard to believe it is affecting you so much.

There is specific help available for you. Your counsellor will help you to explore what happened and the feelings and thoughts which you now have. She will use a supportive programme designed to enable you to move forward. We would welcome hearing from you.

Stillbirth/ Baby Loss

This experience of loss may feel impossible for you to deal with. You may feel overwhelmed by the grief of losing a child. Though it is hard to talk, we find that to begin to share those emotions with your counsellor can help. She will listen to you, help you to talk about your loss and will seek to give you a calm unhurried space in which to grieve.

This time can be offered to both you and your partner. You may be puzzled to find that he is coping in different ways to you. We find that grief is very unique and can be different for men and women. We encourage you to get in touch and make an appointment with us.

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